Vintage Porcelain Trophy Table Lamp Rose Maroon Victorian Urn Floral Deena China SOLD!!


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Gorgeous red and ivory porcelain china lamp with a floral design, a lovely fluted top and accented in gold. Not marked but presumed to be Deena China.

Please note that this lamp is asymmetrical – if you look at the two handles on the top you’ll notice they are different. This is not a flaw of the lamp, it was made this way.

Hairline crack on base at bottom left front. See the photos for details.

This lamp is 17.5″ tall and 7″ wide.

This lamp has the original wiring. We offer a service to have the wiring professionally updated for $15. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

The following information about Deena China was posted by a former employee on Collector’s Weekly website”

“Deena Lamps was founded by George Weiner of Chicago, Illinois. George came to this country from Romania at the age of 6 with his mother. He was forced to drop out of school by 8th grade in order to support her. He started the lamp business during the Great Depression by selling lamps out of his car. Said car was also his home. He went on to build what was at one time America’s largest lamp manufacturing company– A true American success story. George named the company after his first wife, Deena, who later passed away of ovarian/uterine cancer. George was a remarkable man who overcame many hardships to bless many lives. Although he did employ some remarkably talented designers and artists, many of the lamp designs were his own. ”

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