Angelus Melodant Artistyle Player Piano Roll 89814 Blue Danube Waltz Mandolin Arrangement Strauss 88 Note


Piano roll of the famous song by Strauss.


You can hear a piano version of Blue Danube here:

Significant wear on the leader but still playable.

“The Blue Danube” is the common English title of “An der schönen, blauen Donau”, Op. 314 (German for “On the Beautiful Blue Danube”), a waltz by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss II, composed in 1866. Originally performed on 15 February 1867 at a concert of the Wiener Männergesangsverein (Vienna Men’s Choral Association), it has been one of the most consistently popular pieces of music in the classical repertoire. Its initial performance was considered only a mild success, however, and Strauss is reputed to have said, “The devil take the waltz, my only regret is for the coda—I wish that had been a success!”

You can read an excellent history of the Angelus Melodant Artistyle here:

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