Pink Floral Hand Painted GWTW Hurricane Lamp Gone With The Wind 22″ 3 Way SOLD!


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Hand painted florals are in excellent condition. All metal shows some tarnish. No chips or cracks in either glass globe. Lamp has original wiring and should be replaced. We offer this as an added service, please contact us for details prior to purchasing.

Gorgeous and colorful double globe lamp.

Lamp measures 22″ high.

Top globe shade measures 8″ wide.

Metal base measures 6.5″ wide.

Lamp works 3 ways. Top only, bottom only, and both.

History of Hurricane Lamps

Hurricane Lamps were originally invented around 1780 by Francois-Pierre Aime Argand. These Lamps had a special oval or round design to prevent the flame from easily being turned off by the wind and to produce much brighter lighting compared to most other oil lamps. In the late 1700’s to early 1900’s hurricane lamps were very common and used in most homes all over the world before electricity came into play.

Hurricane Lamps also played a pivotal role for traveling boats and trains, as they produced affordable lighting in places where electricity was hard to come by. Once electricity became more common and more affordable, companies began to mass produce electrical powered hurricane lamps. By the time electricity came around, hurricane lamps were very common in most households and they began to produce them with different and unique designs which could just be connected to a power outlet and easily produce much more powerful lighting by the use of electricity. Hurricane lamps were made into the 1980s.

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