SOLD! Large 23″ Atlantic Mold White Ceramic Christmas Tree with Lights Glitter Branches with Base Vintage Christmas Decor SHIPS COMPLETE!


Gorgeous vintage white ceramic christmas tree with glitter snow on the tips of the branches. This tree is made of three sections that are glued together. The ornaments are not glued into the holes so they can be changed to any design.

Minor wear consistent with a tree of this age. Some ceramic chipped off on the very top of the tree, see the photos for details. This made the hole for the star a little big and the star was sitting too low, so I used a clear glue dot on the star to keep it in place.

Base also shows minor wear consistent with age. Music box and light works, music plays White Christmas.

We are happy to customize the ornaments on the tree. If you would like all one color, all one type of bulb, etc, just let us know. If you like the tree as shown in the photos, it will come with an assortment of ornaments.

This tree will ship with everything you need to get it up and running, included the tree, base, enough ornaments to cover the tree plus extras, a star, and a specialty long light bulb that will send light to the upper branches better than a regular bulb.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for more photos.

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